Volkslift, we try to make the installation of a lift in an existing building as simple as possible. Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by users of our web page. If your question is not shown here, please contact us.

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+ How long does it take to install a lift?
+ The lift shaft is very small. Are there any special solutions for installing a lift?
+ What happens to the lift if there is a power failure?
+ I do not have a three-phase line, can I install a lift?
+ Can I customize the car decor for my lift?
+ Does Volkslift have lifts with high levels of energy-efficiency?
+ Does Volkslift have environmentally-friendly lifts?
+ Can I ask for a non-binding cost estimate?
+ Cost of Elevator
+ Cost Breakdown Of Elevator
+ Is The Pricing Of Elevator Correct?
+ Common Mistakes While Buying An Elevator
+ Value Of Elevator
+ What Is The Right Elevator For You ?
+ Options of Lifts?
+ BCA Regulations to installing a lift in your premises
+ If I cannot dig a pit for my new lift in my home, is there other option?