VOLKSLIFT is building bridges. As Elevators and Escalators bridge different levels, VOLKSLIFT is bridging continents, cultures and economic zones. We invite you to join building bridges together with us and make the world a better place.

Offering premium lift maintenance services, we support and work with companies and clients such as Architects, Main Contractors, Developers, M&E consultants and with an array of end-users through providing affordable elevator systems with the latest high-end German technologies.

We supply highly reliable elevators system and provide companies and our customers with responsive and timely lift maintenance support services.

We work with our customer schedule to ensure delivering of the lift projects are done in a fast and effective manner without compromising quality or cost.

We have a comprehensive suite of lift maintenance services and solutions which addresses the most demanding requirements of a vertical transportation system in terms of safety, reliability, performance, comfort and more.

Volkslift Operating Standard


Rapid response and ready resolution supported by our in-house 24/7 contact centre and emergency call service for lift maintenance and rescue island wide for companies and households.


Proper accountable lift maintenance control leading to a consistent working of the elevators and escalators, minimizing potential vulnerabilities and costs.


Optimum standards of safe operation and safety performance benchmarked against official requirements and backed by safety corporate values.


High uninterrupted service availability reached with possibly low breakdown rate, reduced callback rate and minimal downtime.


Peak-performing smooth operation and system leveraging our extensive onsite technical knowledge, experience and expertise.


Complete care and ownership in overseeing the end-to-end needs of your vertical transportation, easing your burden of managing its asset, performance and costs.

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